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At Rylands our aim is to create a “home from home” environment for our residents providing protection, support, comfort and care so that they can rest and relax, assured that their needs are being catered for by qualified nursing staff and highly experienced care and support staff.

The home provides, under the direction and guidance of its Nurse Manager, the highest standards of  nursing, residential and social care.  Relatives can be assured that their loved ones are being cared for by nursing and care staff who have been carefully selected for both their experience and sensitivity.

Round the clock care is provided in Rylands backed up by medical and nursing support, to guarantee peace of mind for both residents and their families.

We have an ‘open door’ policy for visiting family and friends.

Recreation and Facilities

Our residents are here to enjoy life. In-house entertainment and a wide range of social activities are a constant feature at Ryland’s. There is something for everyone, including services of worship for all denominations. Visiting is unrestricted and relatives and friends are encouraged to come when they wish and to take part in social activities within the home. Rylands caters for the daily living needs of all residents within the home.

Rylands has its own laundry service and a fully fitted hairdressing salon.  We arrange for the podiatrist, dentist and other members of the multi-disciplinary team to visit on their behalf.


Qualified catering staff provide a varied menu each day, using the highest quality ingredients, to ensure a nutritious, tasty and interesting choice for our residents. The catering staff are more than happy to cater for individual needs and special diets.

Types of Stay

Rylands offers a wide range of options for people in need of nursing and/or residential care.

Long term care

Older people or people in need of long-term care can benefit from Ryland’s ‘home from home’ environment supported by qualified and experienced nursing and care staff  in conjunction with 24-hour medical back up.

Short term care

Excellent short-term care packages are available through Ryland’s which allows carers to take a break  for a holiday or during a time of personal need.  Short-term care can also be used for a convalescence period following surgery or illness prior to returning home.